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Its nearly been a year since my first visit to Northumberland. One of the most enjoyable road trips of 2017.    I've decided its most definitely worth a four day road trip over the Easter Holidays.

This place offers more Castles and Historic Sites than any other County in England.

I won't even scratch the surface but I'm sure its going to be a lot of fun.

Here is some images I captured of Bamburgh Castle,  '' a castle on the northeast coast of England. '' 

This will be my base camp for the duration so I'm hoping for some great light on these sand dunes.

    Canon 6D  -  EF16-35MM @ 23MM  -  f/11 - ISO100  -  3.2 Seconds with Kase Filters 0.9 Soft Grad.

      Canon 6D - EF16-35MM @ 35MM - f/14 - ISO100 - 1 Second with Kase Filters 0.9 Soft Grad.

                                               OFFICIAL UK  KASE FILTERS DISTRIBUTOR




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